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Know of an available apartment in Berlin Ost?

Help me get connected with a suitable landlord.

What I’m looking for

Looking for a long-term apartment for me and my family that meets the following criteria:

My preferred area for the new apartment, but open to all other areas as well.

My budget is up to 1500 EUR warm.

Why choose me as a tenant

Hi! My name is Alexey. I am Ukrainian and live in Berlin since 2019. Before that, I lived in Spain until 2018. I have a German residence permit and will stay in Germany for the long term.

I am a quiet renter, I don’t party, and I prefer to make small fixes myself as to not disturb the landlord unnecessarily. I have always paid rent on time since I started renting in 2010.

About me

Professionally, I am the owner of a content marketing agency, Amazon is one of our customers. I studied Computer Science and Economics.

I have stable self-employed income. The proof of income is available through a recent Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung (BWA) from a German Steuerberater.

Outside of work, I enjoy riding road and mountain bikes:

Mountain biking in La Massana, Andorra. Road biking in Neustrelitz, Germany.

I am also a big fan of all things coffee. When I travel, I go to places where I can visit great coffee roasters, and I also brew every day at home.

Available documents

I have the following documents available that I can send:

  1. Current registration in Berlin
  2. Proof of income (BWA)
  3. Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung
  4. A positive recent Schufa report

How to contact me

You can get in touch with me in the following ways:

Phone: +34 651 616 341 (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram)
LinkedIn - /in/klochay
Facebook - alexeyami
Instagram - alexey_am_i

Or you can submit the form below:

Other ways you can help

If you don’t know of an apartment that fits our criteria at the moment, it’s possible that someone you know has a suitable flat in mind.

Please forward this page to your friends directly over messages, or share it on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you in advance!